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Modular Step-in Cold & Freezers Rooms

Porkka is one of the UK’s leading cold room suppliers and offers an extensive range of walk in modular cold rooms and modular freezer rooms for commercial use.

Porkka Modular Rooms are used in Industry, Manufactoring, UK Leisure Industry as well as numerous sectors within the Public Sector ie Schools, Universities, DEFRA, Hospitals and the Ministry of Defence.

Porkka Modular Rooms are also used Worldwide, within such Organisations as the W.H.O. and UNICEF.

The reliability, dependability, durability and capability of the PORKKA Modular Room range is without equal, our reputation being built on consistant build quality and ongoing product research and development (for example - Porkka’s Introduction of R 290 as an alternative/optional operational system on all of our Modular Rooms ) coupled with our long established and much requested, unique and practically noiseless Remote Heat Disposal system.

All our modular cold rooms and freezer rooms are constructed using standard sized insulated panels. The modular design enables a large number of different room designs to be created, which keeps costs down while giving the client a lot of choice. The panels are made of CFC/HCFC-free polyurethane and the surfaces are hygienic and durable, with a food-safe, scratch-resistant polyester coating.

Our modular freezer rooms, chiller rooms and cold rooms all feature well sealed doors for excellent insulation. We supply doors pre-mounted on a panel ready for easy assembly on site. Heavy duty hinges ensure doors can withstand everyday use for many years, and lockable door handles help to protect valuable stock. For the safety of your staff, all our modular cold rooms and freezer rooms include emergency entrapment release as standard. Stainless steel thresholds and surrounds ensure a good seal and can withstand knock and bumps from people and trolleys. Our modular freezer rooms include a door heater to prevent doors from freezing shut, For all modular freezer rooms and, if required, for modular cold rooms, we supply floors constructed from strong marine plywood coated with fiberglass resin which acts as insulation and waterproofing as well as creating a non-slip surface.

Modular Cold Rooms - Available Options

Although our cold and freezer rooms are modular, this doesn’t mean they are all the same. There are a variety of options available to create the exact configuration required for each client’s needs.

Temperature Options: There are three temperature ranges available designed for different food storage requirements.

Chiller: +2 to +12 °C for chilled products
Medium: -2 to +5 °C for the storage of fresh meat or fish
Freezer: -18 to -22 °C for frozen products

Size Options: Our modular cold rooms, chiller rooms and freezer rooms are available in a choice of 81 different sizes, ranging in volume from 1.2m3 up to 22m3.

Insulation Options: 80mm (standard) or 100mm (if extra insulation is required for increased energy efficacy, or in warmer ambient conditions).

Height Options: 2100mm (standard) or 2400mm. (This increases to 2140mm or 2440mm if 100mm insulation is chosen.)

Floor and Trolley Access Options: Chiller rooms may be supplied with or without a floor; medium and freezer rooms must be supplied with a floor in order to provide adequate insulation. If trolley access is required to a room with a floor, this can be accommodated either by recessing the floor to make it level with the floor outside the room, or by provision of a ramp to overcome the step created by the floor.

Cool Unit Positioning Options: Cooling units can placed either to the left or right hand side of the door, allowing best use of available space.

Door Positioning Options: Doors can be left or right-hinged, and can be altered on site if required.

Porkka Motor Modules: Standard Features
Audible & Visual Temperature Alarms
Localised Self Diagnostic Capability
Automatic Defrost Capability (complete with a manual override)
Full LCD Display
Touch Sensor Control
Status Operational Indicators...

All Porkka Motor Modules used on our Modular (cam-locked) Insulated Rooms operate from a standard 3-Pin Electrical Plug, supplied fitted, irrespective of operational temperature selected.

Modular Cold Rooms - Innovative Design Features

As well as the overall refrigeration and construction options listed above, our modular freezer rooms and cold rooms are equipped with a range of innovative features designed to improve the hygiene, safety and everyday usability of your cold room.

Shelving System: Porkka has completely redesigned the shelving system for our range of modular cold rooms, resulting in easier cleaning, easier configuration of space and greater storage. The shelves are fixed to the walls, instead of the floor – which makes floor cleaning easier as well as freeing up floor space. All shelving has four tiers and is fitted to 2 or 3 walls depending on the size of the room. The shelves themselves are made from polycarbonate plastics approved for use with foodstuffs, and individual shelves can fit into most commercial dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. The shelves are strong enough to support up to 70kg per meter.

Temperature and Alarm Display: All our modular cold rooms are fitted with a digital temperature display with built-in high/low temperature alarm, which is both visible and audible. The alarm can be connected to a wider building management system if required.

HACCP Compliant: To meet European food safety regulations, all our modular freezer rooms and cold rooms include built-in temperature monitoring and recording facilities.

Memory Stick Recording: Temperature data can be automatically recorded onto a USB memory stick for archiving or analysis. The memory stick unit is attached to the front panel of the cold room and has its own digital display including real time clock and calendar. The unit can be set to record the temperature at whatever interval of time required (e.g. every 5 minutes). The stick can be removed and connected to the USB port of any computer for archiving or to display the data in Excel or similar.

Efficient Air-Cooled Condenser: To maximize energy efficiency the air inlet to the condenser is positioned on the lowest part of the refrigeration unit, ensuring the coolest air is drawn into the condenser. This also places less strain on the refrigeration unit, thereby prolonging its service life.

Easy Access Dust Filter: The dust filter behind the air grill has been designed to be easy to access for cleaning or changing. In addition, the controller automatically indicates when cleaning or replacement is needed. Keeping the dust filter clean helps to improve hygiene as well as the overall energy efficiency of the cold room.

Remote Heat Disposal System (RHDS): All cold and freezer rooms generate heat as part of their operation - which can result in a build-up of excess hot air if the room is located within a building. Porkka have solved this problem with their unique Remote Heat Disposal System. The system collects waste heat and transfers it either outside the building or to another location where the extra heat would be useful. The RDHS can be used for all Porkka modular rooms be they chill, medium or freezer room operation and is designed to operate both quietly as well as requiring minimal installation and commissioning time and offering the end user a highly energy efficient installation.

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